What’s doing around here!

At long last, I’ve started a new series I’ve wanted to work on for  nearly a year.  I’ve begun working in encaustic (molten wax) and I can’t imagine why I didn’t start sooner. So far I’ve done four pieces with more ideas everyday.  You can see the first two pieces I’ve photographed in the Encaustics album. These are not yet available for sale.

In other news my Curios have been selected by Quirk Gallery here in town to be a part of their collection of jewelry.  They will also be carrying my Whim-Whams as well.  I’ve added more images of those as well as my trinkets in the Wearble Art album.

I’ll be putting up more work for sale here, on the studio site  in the coming weeks.

Aside from being in the studio working, I’ve been doing a lot of outreach for VSA arts of Virginia and I’m starting up the exhibitions at Max’s Positive Vibe Cafe again.  I have encountered several new and exciting opportunities and I  am looking forward to working toward happy partnerships with these organizations. Once things solidify, I’ll elaborate.

And lastly but not least, I’ve been helping out my good friend Glenda at Art Works hold a clay class for neighborhood school kids at Art Works. We’re working on a ceramic installation and have made cocoa mugs and snack plates so far.

And tomorrow we’ll be going out to the airport to create some painting with a JET ENGINE! Yes, I’ll post photos… Heeh.

How fortunate I am to be able to be doing what I love….