Where did August go?  Where did most of September go?  Time flies when you’re having fun!

I have been working. Two jobs.  Yes, working real jobs. Though they often don’t feel much like those "real jobs" I used to have because I like what I’m doing and want to be doing it for the most part. I am working for non-profits whose missions are to improve the lives of people and children with disabilities through art.

I’ve not had much time for my own art but I’m certain once my schedule evens itself out, I’ll be able to get at more than doing a few things at home on the weekends.  I’ve hauled the sewing machine out and am creating things on it lately… beginning with fabric collage… and thinking about making some fabric wall hangings, using distressed fabric and wax. I’m hot to get back to my encaustics as well.

I’ve got a few projects for clients coming up and Christmas is around the the corner…

How lucky I am to be an artist who gets to do what she loves!


One thought on “Lucky

  1. You seemed to have a charmed kind of life; You have your job and your art. You get to do good things for other people too and your inner beauty as person shines in your work-in quilting,collage and among other things. Your blog is worth my while. Keep it up!


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