In a Nutshell

Too damn long since I updated this thing. Too damn busy to update this thing. However, the short version of things are:

1.    I went back to work. Part-time doing artsy things for VSA arts of Virginia. I am the Assistant to the       Director and Richmond District Coordinator.

2.    We are in the process of moving. It’s smaller but newer and has a workshop for me in the                   backyard.

3.    I am shutting down the studio at Plant Zero and moving into the workshop at our new place.

4.    I’ve been working in encaustics, metals, fabric and clay.  I’ve also begun altering shoes too and           designing new altered charn pieces for the new year.

5.    This year I am going to expand the wearable side of of my art biz, get the online shop up and               running and write a business plan.

6.    Once I am settled in my new digs, I’ll start teaching again in the workshop.

7.    I have also curated an assemblage and collage exhibition called Human Artefakts that will open in               Richmond at Art Works in February.

That’s all I have time for now! One of my resolutions is to type a little something here every few days. Send good encouraging thoughts! HA!