Birthday Serenade

Everyone who knows me or reads my blogs with any regularity knows how devoted I am to Manthing’s nieces, otherwise known as "The Niecelets", ages 10 to 3.

Today is my 42nd birthday and this morning I received this in my e-mail:

    >Dear Kris,

    > Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday dear Kris.
    > Happy Birthday to you!  (Imagine five little girls singing and dancing)
    > From M:  Happy Birthday and good luck in your new year.
    > From B:  Happy Happy Birthday to you (sung sweetly)
    > From S:  Happy Birthday to you.  You live in a zoo.  You look like a
    > monkey and smell like one, too.  ( OK, yeah, she’s at that age)
    > From E:  Happy Birthday to me!  Happy Birthday to S.  ( Sung sweetly,
    > but she’s a little confused)
    > From R:  A monkey.  A lamb.  (She really prefers the Old MacDonald song
    > to the Birthday song.)
 > Happy Birthday!

Is that cool or what?


One thought on “Birthday Serenade

  1. Hi Kris,
    If I’m seeing this right your birthday March 31st is the same day as my oldest daughters birthday, she just turned 21. Happy Birthday to you!


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