C3 Web Interview 2005

Krishanna Spencer

Posted Mon, May 30, 2005

1.  Three things that always tend to confuse me are…

People who say one thing and do another, fundamentalism, and conservative art.

2.  Three things that I know more about than I ever thought I would are
Art, creativity and unconditional love.

3.  The other thing I’m thinking about right now is
What I have to do at the studio tomorrow. I have to get a bunch of
jewelry and assemblages done for an art show in April.

4.  Typically, the first thing I think about when I wake up is…
Getting up and out of bed. Then making sure I get everything done before I need to go to the studio.

5.  You can pretty much sum up my days with these three adjectives:
Creative, interesting, miraculous.

6.  You can’t sum up my days using these three adjectives:
Boring, unfulfilling, average.

7.  I create art because
I breathe. I write for the same reason. I don’t know a life where I
wasn’t creating some thing at some time for some reason in some way. If
I’m not actually creating, I’m thinking about creating something.

8.  My favorite subject to write about is

Spirituality or Art.

9.  A project I’d love to tackle before the end of the year is…
Creating Ceramic mask assemblages.

10.  Something in the backburner of my mind that I’ve always thought about doing is…
Spending a week in Athens.

11.  I began creating art
With a pencil and words.

12.  A piece of art that has struck me is
Frida Kahlo’s “Broken Column. I could so totally relate and understand it.

13.  Three words to describe Richmond are…
Polite, colorful, architecturally beautiful.

14.  On a typical spring weekend day in Richmond…
I want to get out and visit antique shops and flea markets out of
town looking for the junk that sustains me. If the muse calls, shoot
some photographs.

15.  The “must-see” place in Richmond for all visitors is
The Fan for its architecture, its seasons and Maymont.

16.  I would love to give Richmond a more
Progressive, broad and open art and creative community.

17.  I’m always too distracted to work when there’s
Too many people around. I am a people watcher.

18.  If I want to really focus on my work, I
Turn off the phone, shut my studio door, plug in the headphones and ignore everything but the fire alarm.

More about Krishanna


When people ask me, "What kind of art do you do?" I never quite know
how to adequately answer this question because my work is varied and
eclectic. For me, art and writing are not products; but a way of life.
Creativity is akin to learning to see, as if for the very first time,
it is the essence that lives and reverberates within everything. It is
a miraculous resonance that can be heard and felt, a subtle magical
force that is often born of trust, intuition, dreams and action. My
hope is to create a connection between this resonance and those who
‘hear’ it too.

Literary Art I’ve been writing ever since
I could hold a pencil and I’ve written throughout my life in various
stages of doing and undoing, filling up journals and spiral notebooks,
hard drives and disks, scribbling on damp cocktail napkins with
carefully crafted words that seem to stream out of my being unabated.
Words have led me through short story writing, journalism, poetry,
philosophy and religion, and into the corporate world. I‘ve worked as
co-editor with The Beltane Papers, an international women’s
spirituality quarterly for two years and am now currently the editor of
Goddesslore, weekly online column with BellaOnline.

Style Creative Non-Fiction, essays, reviews and interviews

Publications The Daily Goddess, Joy Online, The Beltane Papers: a Journal of Womens’ Mysteries,

Visual Art A primarily self-taught artist,
I incorporate a love for words, my eye for color and design, and the
passion to create. I work intuitively and I am inspired by the things
and ideas that are old, torn, tattered, replaced and cast aside; the
things that never fall apart, the things with obvious history that
speak to us through layers of time, color, rust, grit and purpose.

I am now actively involved in creating and developing larger scale
works which utilize my style and techniques my style and techniques, in
addition to teaching private classes and small workshops. When needed I
also serve as a part-time instructor with the da Vinci Project, a
hands-on arts program for disabled adults.

Styles Assemblage, Collage, Sculpture, Fine Craft

Technique I work with a broad variety of
media ranging from ink to gouache and acrylic paint, clay and plaster;
as well as utilizing art stamping, paper and fiber arts, computer and
digital technology, found objects, image transfer techniques, and
vintage ephemera and photographs.

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