I am, I want I wish…

I AM: in bed
I WANT: some Dulce de leche ice cream
I WISH: sleep came easier sometimes
I HATE: heat and humidity
I MISS: a pain-free life sometimes
I HOPE: that people’s hearts will be opened to one another without judgment
I FEAR: very little
I HEAR: Roseanne coming from the TV
I WONDER: about weird things
I REGRET: few things
I AM NOT: afraid of emotions
I DANCE: rarely
I SING: more often than I dance
I CRY: only when necessary
I AM NOT ALWAYS: as easygoing as people think
I MAKE: great, original, imaginative art
I LIKE: my life
I THINK: too much mostlly
I WRITE: because I breathe
I CONFUSE: myself
I NEED: less procrastination in my life
I SHOULD: quit shoulding all over myself
I START: my day making lunch
I FINISH: my day by curling up in bed with the Manthing and the critters.

(with thanks to Sally)