Nice Weather If You’re A Duck

Img_2844This weather is not my favorite. It exacerbates the pain in my spine and makes me sleepy. Though today, I am forcing myself to do laundry and update things sorely in need of updating. I’ve even discovered a new pal today- Jack.  He plays and dances with fire. And writes poetry. But presumably not at the same time. Hee. So for a dreary, dark, waterlogged day, it hasn’t been too bad.

Those of you who visit here often will notice I have been in here cleaning up and moving things around. I’ve ressurrected Creative Wanderings for those you who have asked and asked and ASKED.  Though I’ve not put all the old posts in the archive yet. There is a new one there now though.

Photos from the last show are in the 10,000 Words album and most of my links have been updated.

More later.  I need to go out and do some errands while there’s a break in the rain.