Mini Studio

Img_2847Though it didn’t rain today, it was still icky outside. The a/c thing in my studio hasn’t been figured out so it was too hot and humid to work out there. Too hot for encaustic. So, I set up a mini-studio in the utility room.  I hauled the acrylics in to work on some more collage paintings. It’s way cooler in there.  I’ve got lots of ideas.  Let’s see where they go.

It’s set up in front of two of the house’s many bookcases. But I can also look out the window and watch the squirrels break in to the bird feeder and watch the birds chase them off. And watch the cats watch the activity and make funny, kitty noises.


I started a few today. This is the  bigger one.. Anyway, here’s a couple of snaps of the mini  studio.  Yup, paints, brushes,  chair and easel = mini-studio.

I also made low-carb donuts and low-carb tacos for dinner and finished the laundry. I’ll load the fishwasher in the morning.

YAWN… time for bed….