Obvious Avoidance

Because I am avoiding most of the
obvious to keep my dysthymic brain from overloading and sending me to
bed for the remainder of my natural born life, I decided I would take Robyn
up on her tag and list 5 five things I am obsessed with ( only 5, eh?).
She tagged the blogosphere but the general suggestion is that you list
five things you are obsessed with, then tag five people to do the same.


1. this stupid cycle of insomnia I’ve got going on here.
the idea that mass quantities of Ben & Jerry’s Marsha Marsha
Marshmallow ice cream, coconut chocolate chip cookies and southern
style banana pudding will cure what is ailing me and never does.
finding another part time job I can live with, that will not require
that I don the Exec-u-Drag or expect me to fit my round self into
square holes.
4. the idea that somewhere in this city there lies
employment where I can be my artsy, opinionated, blunt, cantankerous
and glowing self.
5. why the fur beasts decide to play tag and run
across the walls after the Manthing and I have settled into bed and are
just about asleep EVERY NIGHT, whether they get treats or not.


If you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged!