Rough Month

One of my ferrets, Buster, died unexpectedly a week before my birthday.

The day after my birthday, I was told I was losing my job in May due to financial hardship.

Then I got sick with a nasty sinus infection.

Then the Virginia Tech stuff happened.

Now the warm weather is here and my spine is UNHAPPY.

the new blog digs. It’s my attempt at some black humor; a reminder of
sorts that it always seems worse than it might be. Again it’s a
recycled design I used several years ago and one of my favorites.

has been a rough month. I’ve not felt much like sitting down and
writing in the last few weeks. Blogger is getting on my nerves.
However, checking in with you all probably won’t kill me and as long as
you keep your expectations realistic, you might not be disappointed.

Buster Brown
been trying to find a photo of Buster but, of course, the CD with
images of all the critters is MIA because I need it. Buster is missed.
The ferret condo is in my kitchen and he used to pop out of his sack
when I made dinner at night or breakfast on the weekends to watch me.
He would lay with his chin on his paws and watch me cook. If I came
close to the cage, he’d sit up and wait for a scratch on the snoot.

familiar with ferrets know they all have their weird little quirks
(just like humans) that make them who they are. Buster loved to dig and
would routinely aggravate me by digging at the fresh litter when I
cleaned their box, creating a huge mess in the cage and wasting litter.
He enjoyed sleeping next to the litter boxes too. The litter box had to
be not only hooked but wired to the cage because he hated anything up
against walls anywhere, including people sized furniture. He was seen
trying to push the couch away from the wall and was caught trying to
figure out how to move the refridgerator too. Buster had a rubber
fetish. I have photos of him trying to steal the plunger from the
bathroom. He would steal hair brushes with rubber handles, rubber
bands, cell phones if they were encased in protective holders that had
any bit of rubber in them.

Buster died unexpectedly. His
cagemate, Tavvi was the one we all expected to go first. She has
adrenal cancer and sleeps a lot. She has always been a bit bitchy and
aside from attempting to escape her cage or the house, she was largely
unconcerned with humans unless the food bowl or water bottle was empty.
Buster was active, robust and showed no signs of illness or age, as he
was 7. Up until a few weeks ago, Tavvi seemed undisturbed by Buster’s
absence. But as of late, Tavvi has been coming out of her sack and
looking for some attention. She has begun to seem a bit lost when I
take her out to play and Buster is not there to run her over or drag
her around by the neck. Ordinarily, I might consider getting her a new
roommate but Tavvi has never liked anyone but Buster. She will bite the
cats and make ferret ass kicking noises if they get too close to her.
We will just have to see.

The Job
not been around here as much due to having to job hunt. I’ve not
actually hunted for a job for at least 12 years, and have only been in
this paid position for a couple of years. The rest of the time I was
having sine surgeries and recovering from them. There were years where
my "job" was going to doctor, physical therapy appointments, pain
management, and re-learning how to walk, rebuilding endurance, etc,
etc, ad-nauseum.

I’ve been lucky to have all kinds of great
support, a terrific caring DRS counselor and other vocational rehab
professionals but job hunting still sucks. I’ve never liked it and like
it even less now. It’s all such a big stupid, superficial game. The job
I’d like to have can’t pay me at the moment so I’m hunting. The
critters need litter and I need to pay my bills. I have another
interview at the beginning of next week that looks like a good fit.
Wish me luck.

Pain Season Begins
the beginning of warm, humid weather here in Virginia and since there’s
been virtually no Spring my back is hurting and making my life
miserable. There are times when people don’t get that when you cope
with pain 24/7, you have very little energy or motivation to do much of
anything but get through the day. I push myself a lot because it’s
important to me that I not allow pain and depression to govern my life
but it takes a lot more energy than people realize and even after all
these years, I get frustrated and tired.

The gallery has it’s first anniversary this weekend and a good show, so I’m looking forward to having some fun.

for all the lovely messages and good vibes sent my way. I’m certain
their energy has been helping to keep me afloat. I really appreciate
them, although I might not be able to respond to them all.

More soon.