Blogging Gratitude

Even if I don’t post daily or even weekly sometimes, I still check in
those on my "Don’t miss" list. I am not big on commenting but I read
these folks for a myriad of reasons- they make me laugh, they make me
think, they make me feel better on a shitty day or they simply remind
me that I am not alone in the plethora of opinions I hold about most

For instance, giant kudos go to Uncle Bob who vacated a disabled stall in the men’s room for  someone who was
actually qualified and in dire need. As someone who often needs those
diabled stalls, I was impressed that someone was considerate enough to
give it up. However, Bob was chased out of the gents room by the stench
that soon followed only proving the old addage, "No good deed goes unpunished".

I know that Buttercup is busy as usual and comforted by the words of children and Disability Bitch has some strong and reasonable opinions about kids as caregivers. I know that Eden has no time to blog because her toddler has turned into a cute little couch climbing, kitchen table sitting monkey and that Heather is mentally preparing herself for her kidlet’s potty training. I know that Atilla has decided to go to summer school and got scary bunny slippers for mothers day and that Blue found a cool, old Ramones song and video(one of my longtime favorites) that included a reference to a wheelchair, something I would have not remembered.

I am delighted to find Kitty renovating and redecorating and Robyn settling to her new home.  Congrats should go out to Weetabix for tackling a 20 page research paper, while Ma, Katja and Mimi are thought provoking and entertaining as usual. Susan and Elle are crafty and productive with yarn and beads and things and sadly, Nikki has decided to stop blogging altogether. I also want to send condolences to Eden K who is dealing with the death of a parent this week.

pimping aside, I am grateful that these people choose to continuing
sharing their lives online. I learn not only about them but more about
different lifestyles. By reading about their lives, I feel connected to
something as lame as that may sound. Chronic pain and fatique can be so
isolating sometimes. I’m not big on commenting, preferring the privacy
of e-mail but I do enjoy the blogs I read and some I have been reading
for many years. I often feel badly because time and fatigue conspire
against me when I want to blog and I am unable to post as often as I’d

But there are times when life sees so mundane and
ordinary, I wonder why anyone would want to read my version of it. I
get up in the morning, make lunch for Manthing, take care of the
critters and the household stuff, job hunt, write, work in the studio
and watch old movies, volunteer at the gallery; I get tired of my own
life and can’t imagine anyone else finds it the least bit interesting.

today for instance. I had a migraine this morning and so I am behind.
There is laundry to do, the floors to be vaccuumed, the art shows I am
working on for August need my attention and there is always the job
hunt. "The Old Maid" (Bette Davis, Miriam Hopkins) is on the television and the dogs are snoring. Seems hardly the stuff of interest to me.

I get e-mails and IMs checking on me wondering when I will post again
and a list of ideas and several articles to write about that call to me.

So, thanks and gratitude also to those who read me, too. Blogging it seems, can at times keep us all afloat.