Shut Up. I’m Busy.

I’ve been busy. My brain has been busy. I am doing real life important things.

with adjusting to the summer pain level I learn to readjust to and
tolerate every year. Busy with getting work done for the two art shows
in August. Busy cleaning up the studio so I can be photographed at
work.Busy with writing. Busy with the search for a new job. Busy
stressing and obsessing about money stuff. Busy with Outside the Lines
stuff. Busy attempting not to beat myself up for whatever I feel like I
am not doing as well as I should be doing it.

I mean, I am busy with important shit here.

PERHAPS it is because I am busy that I have found myself the last few
weeks talking back to the television a lot more lately.

Do I
care that Paris Hilton is in the clink? Or that Nicole Ritchie is
knocked-up? Is it really necessary for me to have an opinion about
David Hasselhoff’s custody issues? Why do I care that Alec Baldwin and
screamed at his child inappropriately? Do I need to be subjected to the
toddler fights on the View AND not only pick a side but also have an
opinion? I won’t choose a side. My opinion is simply this: both sides
are equally obnoxious and that there is some middle ground that they
can meet on, if only they’d get their asses down from around their ears.

Why are any of these things NEWSWORTHY?

what about this Andrew Speaker, Mr. TB Guy? Okay, it was enough when he
got up on morning television and blubbered his apology while adamantly
complaining about being unfairly cast as inconsiderate, irresponsible,
thoughtless, and clearly self-absorbed. So you’re a newlywed who can’t
kiss or bone your new bride for the next 6 months. I feel for you,
buddy. I’d suggest using some the next six months determining if
procreating is something you really need to do. I hope the honeymoon
was fucking worth it, bonehead. Maybe you’ll think twice next time when
your medical team tells you they’d "prefer" that you not go anywhere until after you’ve been treated for a dangerous airborne disease.

now knows what dick he is and that he isn’t coping well with being held
accountable for his own actions and choices. I was done hearing about
his stupid-ass. He wasn’t contagious and no one will probably get sick
because of his poor decision making skills. And if someone does, I hope
he gets what with surely be coming to him. But, really couldn’t we just
move on?

Hell no.

I turned on my television the morning
after his weepy, crocodile tear-filled interview and was subjected to
his family STICKING UP for the guy. I was amazed at how outraged THEY
were that everyone in the world was ticked off because TB Guy was
jet-setting all over Europe. What the hell? He may not have meant to
put anyone in harm’s way and he may be a nice guy. But he still made
really, really, fucking stupid decision and you all supported him on
doing it. Intent doesn’t make the what he chose to do different. Just
because he "didn’t mean" to hurt or upset anyone doesn’t change the

It’s a real brain trust there, I’ll tell you. It’s no
wonder the guy can’t make reality-based decisions. Clearly his parents
and in-laws are from another reality far, far away from the one most of
us live in.

Just shut the fuck up, Andrew,  and take your medicine like a big boy.