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Since I’ve been busy in the studio, I thought I’d give you a mini-tour so you can see where I create my art. Some of you have been asking for awhile now so here you go. As usual click on the images to see a larger version.

As you enter the studio, this is the first view. In the center is my main workbench. This is where I journal, work on altered books, paper collages and do the preliminary building of my assemblages. To the left are the carts where my unmounted rubber stamps, papers, ephemera and scraps are stored. To the right, my drill press, tool and hardware drawers, and supply storage.

If you look further to the left as you stand in the front door you’ll see the soldering and metalworking station (hidden behind works in progress) and an antique letter sorter I use to store bits and pieces. On top of the sorter is my collection of dolls, otters and other odd stuffed toys.

From the front door to the right, you’ll see a storage rack filled with plastic tubs and bins filled with papers, ephemera, odd and ends and junk I saved for assemblages and sculptures. There’s the supply shelves and cabinet as well.

Here’s a front shot of the letter sorter filled with various and sundry goodies with the dolls and stuffed toys on top. They live in my studio because they creep Manthing out.

This is the encaustic station. The old crock pot holds my encaustic medium and the peg board keeps my metal working tools handy. Directly to the right of the encaustic station is the soldering and metalworking station (not pictured).

And finally, here’s a close up of my workbench. The top shelf serves as a bit of an altar. The middle shelf holds reference and idea books, supplies, materials and tools. The workspace also hold not only the latest project (which were altered cabinet cards that day) but more supplies and tools.   
Now you have an idea of what my studio looks like! Whatja think?

*Note: You’ll also find an album of these photos called Studio-Summer 2007. Click on the link to your right.


One thought on “Studio Tour

  1. I adore your work and am so happy to have found your site(s). Your collages, in particular, almost speak to me – the Goddess and feminine/vintage style themes you use are truly beautiful.
    Thanks for inspiring me to continue to create ‘outside the box’!


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