When The Screen Went Black

When the screen went black and silent on
Sunday, June 10, Manthing and I looked at each other and said in
unison, "Please tell me the cable didn’t freaking go out!" because it
does in our neighborhood. Frequently. So we did what we always do. We
waited. Then the credits began rolling and we again looked at each
other and started laughing.

"That bastard.."

"Oh man. There are going to be some pissed off people on the web tomorrow."

"What do you mean TOMORROW? Check it in an hour."

"I wonder how many people will get it?"

"Get what?"

"The ending."
"What’s to get? Life goes on; business as usual."
"You think?"
"Yep. What else is left?"
Sopranos has never been your typical mafia show where someone gets
whacked or busted and everything is tied up in a neat little bow at the
end of each of episode. It’s been messy and dysfunctional, punctuated
with moments of joy, warmth, compassion and love.
have been a dedicated Sopranos watcher since the first season. That’s a
LONG time. Manthing finally quit fighting a good thing and began
watching the second season. We laughed because, well, it was a perfect
That the series final it didn’t make sense initially made perfect sense.
Life doesn’t always make sense. Life catches you by surprise. Life pisses you off. Life still goes on. Hope springs eternal.