Duck, Duck Goose

we were coming out of our local Costco this weekend and climbing into
the truck, we heard a strange honking. I thought to myself, "That
sounds like an indignant goose. But we’re in the Costco parking lot.."
As it is the time of the year when the Canadian geese migrate, I looked
up. Meanwhile Manthing, being better at noise direction than I am,
looked down thinking there might be a goose in the lot getting ready to
be flattened. Then we both looked at the Volvo parked directly across
from our truck and this is what we saw (click on the pic for a larger

Since we use the disabled parking we found this quite amusing.
Luckily Manthing had his trusty camera with him and I asked him to
shoot some pics for you all because I know you’d never believe me.
Though he couldn’t get a shot of Ms. Goose in mid-honk, initially I
think she was honking because she was miffed at being left alone in the
car. Her indignation changed to annoyance though when Manthing started
snapping her picture and people who were arriving for their own Costco
shopping experience got out of their vehicles and began bringing their
kids over to see the goose in the car. People even stopped traffic in
their cars to crane their necks to look at the goose. We thought there
was going to be an accident.

It wasn’t a  hot morning so the windows were down and she had goose refreshments:
a salad to munch and a glass of water. She was even sitting in her very
own plastic box. And believe me, if you know anything about geese, NO
ONE was going to attempt to steal her or the car in which she was
sitting. I’ve been bitten by dogs and cats. Cat bites are painful but
they really have nothing on a goose bite. As a teenager, I worked for a
woman who had tortoises, rabbits, chickens and geese and it was my job
to feed them all. Her male gander, Henry Asshole, bit me on the ass so
many times I bet I still have the scars. I doubt my ass was so tasty he
had to bite it every time I turned my back on him. Geese are just
extremely territorial.

So as we got into the truck, we wondered :

Service Goose? Guard Goose? Or Companion Goose?

What are y’all’s thoughts?