NaBloMoPo 01 :: “Getting To Know You…”

Because there are, presumably, many new peeps visiting, I’ve obliged you with more information so that you can get to know me better…


help you decide you don’t want to know me…heh.

I don’t remember where I snarfed it from. It’s been sitting around on the server awhile.

Consider yourself tagged, if you feel compelled…


Do you have any weird things in your room?:

I’m sure I have PLENTY of weird things in my room, in my house, and especially in my studio. However, *I* like, even cherish, weird things.

If you could have any pet what would you have?:

  An imaginary one.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my furry beasts but we have enough that thinking about another drives me to the edge.

Best thing to do on a rainy day?:

  Watch old movies, snack and  doze.  My cats  have been good teachers.

How many movies do you own?:

  Over 100.   

Best vacation you’ve ever gone on?:

All vacations are "the best" aren’t they? I’d have
to say I enjoyed my visit to New York, though. I want to go back. How’s
THAT for weird?

Coolest person you’ve ever met?:


Ever taken a trip on a bus?:

   I took a Greyhound from Ohio to California. It’s a damn good thing I was still getting loaded back then.

Wildest thing you’ve done while drunk?:

Any wild thing *I’ve* done while drunk, I have no
memory of, though there were others around who were always happy to
inform me of my activities.

Best time you’ve ever had at a playground?:

Having a heart-to-heart  whilst killing a six-pack
of malt liquor with my then best friend before we went to a  bar. We
were 18 or 19 at the time.

Ever almost get hit by a train?:

Errr, no.  I work very hard at minding the guard
rails and staying well out of the of huge, fast moving machine that
have the power to flatten and dismember me. 

Has anyone ever sent you flowers, why?:

Manthing brings me flowers just because and my mother sent a lovely arrangement for my first solo art exhibition.

Ever have an imaginary friend?:

Sure.  I spent many happy hours during my childhood with her, though her name escapes me now.

Best color of eyes?: Green. Blue. Hazel.

Ever electrocute yourself?: 

Yes. I once attempted to unplug a power tool in my studio with a wet hand and got a jolt. I know, what a dumbass.

Most cans of pop you’ve ever drank in a day?: 

Hmmm, 6? 8? 12? I can drink Diet Coke like I drank beer.

How many phones do you own?:

In use?  2 in the house; one in the studio; 2 cell phones. I couldn’t tell you how many we have  "stored" in boxes.

Do you collect anything cool?:

Books, art supplies and materials, postcards and
pictures, Music, Otters, Elephants, odd dolls and stuffed animals,
jewelry…I’m sure there’s more stuff

How often do you clean your room/house?:

When it needs it or when I can stand it no longer. Whichever comes first.

Best thing to watch late at night?:

Old sitcoms.

What friend do you have the most fun with?:


Ever caused or been involved in a car crash?:

Yep and there were mind-altering chemicals involved. I wasn’t driving. No one was hurt, unless you count the cars.

Worst thing someone’s ever done to you?:

Now there’s a question. Earlier in my life a lot of "worst things" were done to me so I don’t know how to answer this.

Are you creative?:

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…that’s what I’m told… heh.

Do you enjoy family gatherings?:

Depends on the family…

Do you let other people drive your car?:

Yep.  Manthing. Ok, so it’s half his and the doctors don’t allow me to drive, if you want to be picky about it.

What’s something you own that’s of great value to you but no one

The "junk" in my studio.

Favorite class you took in high school?:

English, Biology, Choir and art.

Best sleep over you’ve been to?:

The first time I spent the night at Manthing’s place, oh so many years ago.

Favorite family member to hang out with?:


Something you like to eat that everyone else thinks is gross?:

I eat broccoli which Manthing thinks is gross.
But, honestly, I don’t pay too much attention to what anyone thinks of
what I eat so long as they don’t try to take it from me. Don’t get
between me and my food while I am eating it.

Ever lost something important?:

Sure. I don’t "lose" things so much as I put them in "a safe place" which usually turns out to be so safe, I cannot find it.

Do you look good in hats?:

No. They are worn out of necessity.

How often do you do laundry?:

Weekly or more often if one of the dogs has  "issues".

Do you like driving places at night?:

No. Manthing hates driving at night.

Best present you ever gave someone?:

The gift of  my effervescent, loveliness.

Best gift you ever received?:

True love.

Have anything on your computer you wouldn’t want people to see?:


Do you like playing video games?:

Not as a rule though I like a few but don’t play
them often. I can think of a thousand other things to waste my time and
"zone out".

Ever been on a sports team?:

Ewww, no.

Best way to waste a day?:

TV, sweets and my recliner.

Where do you keep your bath towel?:

I don’t use a towel.. except on my hair. I have a
big, fluffy, heavy terry cloth robe and soft slippers I slide into
after my bath.

Ever worn a wig?:

Not that I can remember.I hear they’re itchy.

What do you think of tongue piercing?:

Not for me.

Do you own any rechargeable batteries?:


Ever get a rope burn?:

Errr, yes. Anyone else but me notice the order of the last two questions? Rechargeable batteries and rope?

Favorite place to get food from?: 

Preferably from a place that specializes in either growing it or preparing it.

Ever thought you were going to marry someone?:

Yes. Once.  It was a complete disaster and so wrong on so many levels. I’m glad he dumped me for the old chick he was boffing.

What age did you have the most fun?:


Longest phone conversation you’ve ever had?:

Over 8 hours.

Ever been in a hotel with your best friend?:

Of course!

Ever been hunting?:

No. Not for me.

Would you ever disown your family?:

I’ve tried and they won’t go away. Dammit.  Heh.

Is TV the best thing ever?:

Best thing ever? Naaaah…Best timewaster, though.

Ever ate cake out of a cup?:

Yup.  Sometimes they run out of plates.

Do you own beads or any craft supplies?:

Erm,  a few.

Ever know anyone who house burned down?:

Not that I can recall.

Best Christmas ever?:

I can’t think of one that is "the best".

Favorite thing to sleep in?:

My bed.

Ever slept outside?:

Yes.  It was great when I was a kid. Now, not so much.

What’s the worst day of your life?:

That day hasn’t yet arrived despite my delusions.

Are you having a good day today?:

I’m tired and  it took awhile to get home.  But it wasn’t a completely  shitty day.

Do you think the other members of your family are happy?:

Some are. Some are not.

When the last time you went to the doctors?:

Well, I’ve only been to his office…and that was earlier this week for a followup.

Ever think you were going to die?:

Thought? No. Felt? Yes.

Are you tired right now?:

Yes. I could fall asleep sitting here.

Ever have a pet die?:

Yes. It’s always tough.

What did you dream last night? 

Probably something but I don’t know what.


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  1. Great site. I’ve enjoyed wandering around. I’m like a kid in a candy store with all these sites from NaBloPoMo. *standing here turning left and right thenback and front then left and right…getting dizzy*
    So much to see… so little time… I’ll definitely be back to read more.


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