NaBloPoMo #18 :: Six Guilty Pleasures

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Name six guilty pleasures no one would suspect you of having:

I collect kitschy, Black Americana folk art and items.  I have table bells dressed up as Mammys and Jemimas; advertisements for cigars, ice cream and beverages featuring picaninnies and Uncle Toms. I own old flour sacks and other vintage packaging that feature the aforementioned images. I also collect handmade Tar Baby, Picaninny and Mammy rag dolls; both repro and vintage.

2. I am currently looking for a set of vintage Mammy & Uncle Tom salt shakers in good shape as well as cookie jar and doorstop.

3. In addition to Real Housewives, I also enjoy with relish: Gene Simmons Family Jewels and Girls Next Door.

4. I watch All In The Family, I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith and Leave It To Beaver regularly. I laugh and find them immensely entertaining no matter how many times I see them

5. I get up as 6:30ish AM and make Manthing’s lunch
every morning before he trots off to work. I also cook dinner at least 5 nights a week. 90% of the time I enjoy doing it.

love to lay in bed, snuggling with Manthing and the kitties on Sunday mornings and watch Sunday Morning on CBS, then have a leisurely breakfast and go antiquing, thrifting and rummaging.

Name six guilty pleasures you wish you had the courage/time/money to indulge*:
1. A sewing studio.
2. A ceramic studio, complete with a kiln.
3. Welding and metalsmithing classes.
4. A set of better cookware.
5. writing the book
6. writing my memoirs

* I added the time/money part. Courage is something I am not short on, at present.

Name six pleasures you once considered guilty but have now either abandoned or made peace with:

1. Being fat. It it is what it is. The more flip the fuck out about it, the fatter I get. The less I worry about it, the more likely I am to to lose what I need to, as evidenced by the 100 pounds l have misplaced in the last 12 months.

2. My television habit. I watch a lot of classic films and classic television in addition all the current stuff and trash TV I watch.

3. Art and Craft magazines.  I buy a lot, read them and then cannot part with them.

4. My  cluttered house. I live with a slob and June Cleaver, I am not. Besides, June didn’t clean her house.  The prop man did.

5. Making time with Manthing as important as time for myself. He gets his time and I get mine and we get our time together. Makes us better people all around.

6. Blogs. I read lots of blogs and always look for new ones. I am still a bit bad about commenting but I am getting better.

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BipolarLawyerCook, S’mee, Lotta, Attila the Mom, MommaCat, Bitter Betty and Sara.  I know that’s 7. Deal with it! Heh!


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  1. thanks krishanna! I am sorry it has taken so long to read this…been with two different d-i-l over the past week along with a bunch of projects. I just get on blog and get off! yikes! I’ll get to these right now and post them asap! see you soon!


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