NaBloPoMo #19 :: Today’s Supper

Well, because I mentioned that I cook almost daily in yesterday’s post, I got an e-mail asking what I cooked, especially since I need to watch the carbs as Manthing & I are both diabetic. So today, I figured I’d share my turkey burger concoction. I’ve tried several recipes but Manthing didn’t care for any of them as much as the one I came up with on my own several years ago, off the cuff.

I was tired, hurting badly and I really just didn’t give two shits. You know those nights when you think you are just throwing any kind of slop together to feed the hungry pieholes and they end up loving it and asking for more. Go figure…

Off-the-Cuff Turkey Burgers

2 pounds ground turkey
parmesan cheese*
garlic (fresh or powder)*
onion (fresh or powder)*
parsley (fresh or powder)*
2 eggs
Buns and fixings, if you desire.

There are no measurements or quantities beyond the ground turkey and eggs because I don’t really use exact measurements for anything but baking. I just add enough spices and stuff in till it looks right to me.

Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl.  Form a ball about the size of a pool ball with the turkey mixture and flatten into a patty. Pan fry in a hot, shallow pan; 2 to 3 minutes on each side or until they are nicely browned. On the electric stove I am forced to cook on, I use the medium high setting.

I prefer these plain with a salad or a steamed vegetable but they’d probably be good with onion straws, fries or chips but that’d ruin the whole low-carb thing with this meal. Italian Green Beans are pictured above with the burgers.

Woo. Now I feel all Betty Crocker-ish. I need ruffled cobbler’s apron.

If you make these, and you like them, let me know.
If you make these, and hate them, keep it to yourself.



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