NaBloPoMo #21 :: Mutant Yams

I know it’s Wordless Wednesday but I could not resist adding words to this week’ s entry!

While shopping for ingredients for the dishes I will be bringing to the Family Feast tomorrow, I decided to make a Yam/Sweet Potato Casserole. I could only find these:


:: click image to enlarge ::

These suckers weigh 4 pounds a piece and why I bought TWO of the damn things, I’ll never know; I only need 3 pounds for the casserole!

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6 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo #21 :: Mutant Yams

  1. Hey, I found nothing but giant yams at the market yesterday. Some were seriously, seriously big. I tried to find the smaller ones, but ended up with about the same size as yours. Happy WW 😛


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