NaBloPoMo #22 :: T-Day

I am tired.

I am full (of turkey).

The Yam Praline Casserole was a hit with the adults.

The fruit salad was a hit with the kids.

I am now the the proud owner of a 20 pound turkey carcass and leftovers.

I can take a turkey sandwich for lunch tomorrow

I will not have to cook tomorrow night

AND My Pilgrim Name is:

Esther Bratteridge

Fitting, eh?  I’m sure those in the know will not disagree. I don’t.  😉

Good times….


5 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo #22 :: T-Day

  1. Ha! My family just adores the praline casserole too!
    All I did was the casserole and the green bean casseole thingy. Hubby did everything else.
    But then I ended up conking out and sleeping for almost 12 straight hours. How weird is that? LOL


  2. I could sleep a week. Love my family but man O man holidays wear me out. We’re a loud bunch. Kinda like the family in ElizabethTown (movie).
    Get some rest and enjoy the leftovers.


  3. Are you kidding? Mayo & JELLIED cranberry sauce. Jellied is less likely to roll out of the sandwich and land smack on your winter white silk clad bosom. Besides, it’s easier to schmear.. 😉


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