NaBloPoMo #30 :: I’m Frightened or Just Old

We went to Beast Buy last night  because I wanted to pick up a copy of MuteMath. Yeah, I’m hip, and cool like that; keeping up with the sound of today. No, it doesn’t make a bit of difference that about the only way I am introduced to new bands and new music artists is because I watch late night talk shows- sometimes. No. It doesn’t. And it makes even less difference that they are often repeats. It DOESN’T matter. It doesn’t.

So as I am in the music area, I browse- checking out who has officially become a geezer and just how large the gold necklaces are getting to be on the rap guys. Because it’s beginning to look a lot like that time of the year,  Mariah Carey was screeching  some sort of Christmas standards that I couldn’t recognize. I’ve never seen the draw with that broad. If she isn’t screeching , she sounds as though she’s getting goosed- repeatedly.

Anyway I was bored.  I had what I came for in my hot, little paw and  I was ready to go. Manthing however was not. I looked over at gaming and there he was, in Manthing heaven. He usually finds me when he’s ready so I browsed some more.

In looking at the Christmas music, I considered A Rat Pack Christmas but I already drive everyone batshit with my 1940’s & 1950’s non-Christmas music collection. Besides, I wasn’t really sure I was up for 3 drunks singing "Frosty the Snowman".

Then I saw this. I could not believe my eyes.  I took my glasses off and rubbed my eyes. It was still there and I was askeered.


Now, really some things should just never come to pass.  He looks like some sort of deranged  lounge singer at the Has-Been Lounge. You know those fine establishments that smell of cheap perfume and cigars, Old Milwaukee, and Pine-Sol. They’ve got him posed like Bing fucking Crosby! For Hellsakes. Some things are just plain wrong like whiny, skinny women in fat suits and Billy Idol being all warm and homey, like Pop in at piano in front of the hearth just doesn’t work.

Nor can I picture Billy Idol singing the Christmas Song, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town or Frosty the Snowman, even though I know he can sing when he puts his mind to it.

Just wrong.

At the cash register we encountered 2 young cashier chickies who were engaged in an animated conversation about the Christmas music playing in the store.

Chick 1: "They are really hitting the Christmas music hard tonight, aren’t they?"

Chick 2: "Well, they have to you know".

Chick 1: "Well yeah. Makes the customers buy more".

Chick 2: "Really? That’ll be 25.11 ma’m".

As I swiped my card I said, "Well as long as they don’t play that Billy Idol holiday CD you’ll be ok".

Chick 1: "I don’t even know who Billy Idol is".

CHick 2: "He’s some old singer from the 80’s".




6 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo #30 :: I’m Frightened or Just Old

  1. Last night that reindeer Prancer came knockin’ on my door.
    Last night little St. Nick- he woke me from my snore.
    He said, “Hey, Billy, I got a sleigh full of toys.
    I got a lot here, for girls and boys”
    Because in the midnight hour, they cry more, more, more
    With the Christmas Elf, they cry more, more, more
    All those flying deer, babe, more, more, more
    Here’s a yuletide yell, more, more, more


  2. Um, yeah – I was at a salon getting my hair did last week and they were playing Sarah McLachlan christmas carols and I made some mention about her to the 21 year old girl that was doing my hair. She said, “Who’s Sarah McLachlan? Some country singer?” I said “Are you kidding? She was huge about 15 years ago…” And then I stopped because I did the math and 15 years ago, the stylist was practically still in diapers. I felt instantly about 100 years old. At the ripe age of 36. Hello?


  3. Billy Idol singing Christmas songs is so wrong that it’s GOT to be right. He looks like David Bowie in that AWFUL Little Drummer Boy duet with Bing Crosby.
    The only christmas music I can tolerate is 40s and 50s singers. Tony Bennett? Oh yeah!


  4. Okay that was just funny beginning to end. I think I want that CD! LOL.
    Ah remember when Billy Idol was edgy and bad? Now he’s the Has-Been Lounge’s Tuesday night act.
    /still laughing


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