Yule & Solstice Links

There was a post here of Yule and Solstice links that I found on another blog. I gave credit to the person who gathered the links at the bottom of the post when I recoded it that unfortunately did not paste when I copied it over to Typepad for publishing. I was in a pressed for time as I had a meeting and several things I needed to do out  today so I did not check the published version as carefully as I should have.

Ordinarily, I would be gracious enough to not only acknowledge the oversight but also happily include the link to the blog. However, the e-mail I received was so nasty and accusatory that I will not do that in this case. Excerpted from the e-mail:

"You have stolen pages of my work and posted it on your own blog. I ask that you
take this down immediately. If you wish to honor my hard work, you should link
to my blog without taking my work for your own page.

and stop stealing!

* (link removed here)

what a nasty, meanspirited thing to do at Yule".
*I have removed those links that refer to the blog in question.

From the comment posted here, removed for obvious reasons:

"What are you doing? You have copied an entire page of Yule links – links
I spent a month finding – and put it on your own page as if it was your own
work. You have not given me credit, and you did not ask permission to copy my
page in this way. What a nasty, deceitful thing to do, especially to another
Pagan. If you want to respect my work, take this down and simply link to my
blog. If you do not, I will make an announcement at my blog about this theft".

I would like to state here that the e-mail was sent  at 1:17 PM and the comment at 1:14 PM. By 2 PM, when I arrived home to find what had happened, a slanderous and nasty update was already posted to the the other blog giving me less than one hour to remove the offending post. Nice. Nothing like a good ol' knee jerk reaction.

For those of you who read my blogs regularly, you know that I always credit others when I post, publish or share their work on my blog and I do not steal other people's work. I am a very talented and accomplished writer in my own right with no need to steal a collection of links and call them my own.

I apologize to those readers who were interested in these links.  While the list was certainly handy, I am certain that just as comprehensive a list will be found by searching Google or Witchvox.