Finally! Encaustic Collage Workshops!

Lots of you have e-mailed or asked at an opening how I create some of my encaustic collages and I have struggled to describe the process which didn’t always get the  process across. Well now there’s a workshop is for you!

Designed to provide you with a basic understanding of using encaustic (wax & resin) as a collage medium, you’ll learn how to make and use encaustic medium
safely; it’s archival quality, choosing supports, grounds, and tools; care, storage,
and even shipping tips!. 
This 2-day intensive workshop will get you going with lots of demos and hands-on time and my techniques and tips in image transferring & layering, embossing, fusing, and incorporating oil sticks, paints, oil pastel and objects into your work!

The Wax Warrior workshop will be held at 12 12 Gallery in Richmond, Viginia on  Saturday, January 12th &  Sunday January 13th,
2007, from 10AM to 3PM; both days. To register online, visit the 12 12 Gallery ArtBlog workshops page or e-mail learn[at] 1212galleryrichmond[.]comto get a brochure e-mailed or snail mailed to you. Workshop size is strictly limited to six peeps and fills up quick. If the workshop is full, 12 12 Gallery will gladly put you on a waiting list for the next session so you won’t miss it! Cool, huh?!
See you there!


One thought on “Finally! Encaustic Collage Workshops!

  1. Cool. Wish I were in driving distance. I just now received your BEAUTIFUL objets (don’t get me started on the local post office) and between them and the new banner, I am swooning at your talent. May 2008 be a fabulously happy and creative year for you.


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