I have come to understand I will
never climb a pyramid in Egypt or visit Antarctica.

I may never be the woman
I once dreamed I would become or even the kind, bohemian old lady who lives
down the street.

I may never write the best selling book that will touch

I will never be a saint.

But I will always be a good listener, a
faithful friend, one who speaks straight and true, one whose word can be
trusted, and one who never truly loses faith or abandons hope entirely.

I will
always stand for the weak, speak for those who have no voice, work to protect
the innocent.

And I will always be a person filled conflicting and sometimes
contradictory characteristics, a person prone to deep solitudes, tinged with
sadness, a person whose life is filled with moments of gorgeous
brilliance and moments of impenetrable, inconsolable darkness.

I am more
than I ever hoped to become but less than I have dreamed.


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