No. B-U-S Pirates…

EVIDENTLY A GANG of crooks in Sweden are robbing long-distance buses by smuggling dwarves into
their holds inside sports bags.
Once inside the buses the tiny pirates unzip from their hiding place to check out the luggage and belongings of the unsuspecting travelers above.

The pint-sized smugglers squeeze themselves and their loot back into their hiding place and wait to be picked up
by another gang member, presumably someone large enough to carry a small person and several extra pounds of ill-gotten gains, when the bus reaches its destination.

The band of bus pirates have stolen thousands of pounds in cash, gems and other valuables over
the past several months.Swebus, which operates bus services across Sweden, confirmed the losses. Ingvar Ryggasjo, sales manager, shared this truly insightful and useful gem of information with the press:

“We think it is a short, young person, dwarves or perhaps children. We are taking extra security measures and are thinking of installing video
surveillance cameras.”

    Gee, small or little people who fit into 3-ft duffle bags…hmmm.
    Thinking about surveillance, are you? How ’bout banning giant duffle bags?

He said on one occasion "a light-fingered little person was smuggled aboard a
bus in a hockey bag".
One woman said she saw two men squeezing a large, heavy bag into the
luggage space under the bus.

    Okay. Ow.

    I hope the dwarves or kids or small people…whatever they are…are paid                         well and wear helmets and cups.

After at her destination she found a camera, purse and
other items missing.

    Why the fuck would you stow your purse and a camera IN the luggage hold? Sorry, I          haven’t much sympathy here.

Police are questioning “people of limited stature” with criminal records,
according to a spokesman in Stockholm.

    Dwarf profiling? Tsk..tsk…

Source: Cops Hunt Dwarf Thieves


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