Sorry Folks

I have had to put comments back on moderation because of crazy-ass spammers who leave shit like this in my comments:

"Europe shaped like a sheep, symbolic for slaughter:::Know who your
enemies are. The Italians fucked up our society. Now the gods got them
into place to CHEAT you out of the Final Prophet. Italians preyed on blacks in 20th century (WWIIs Port Chicago parlayed
into civil rights) and now blacks have adopted their thug-life
charecteristics. Asians know very well that the Japanese are their enemy.  But you people let your enemy do it to you over and over again. The gods offered us Italy shaped like a boot and Scandanavia shaped
like a penis pissing on Europe for a reason::::To help you avoid these
poeple and the potential danger they bring."

And that was only the first paragraph of several.  I lost count at 6.

What were they responding to? My post last week entitled: No. B-U-S Pirates.
Worse than I hate bigotry and homophobia and I HATE spammers. They are disgusting parasites.