We Got Our Wish!


It really was a night to remember.

Not only did Danny Noriega (this year’s Sanjay) get the boot off "Idol" but The Donald fired Omarosa AGAIN! And she lost on the same exact task AGAIN. She even volunteered to be the Project Manager AGAIN. She is too stupid to be Donald’s apprentice. L-O-S-E-R !

Normally I don’t rejoice in such things, the misfortune and disappointments of others, but damn they were both such deeply hateful, phony and nasty bitches that I am filled with absolute glee to see them go.

This means now Zoe can watch American Idol with her mom without fear of seeing  scary Danny again!

Now, Danny is free to pursue a career in second rate drag karaoke and Omarosa can slither back into the hole in the ground located under the rock from whence she came.

My heartfelt thanks to The Donald and America!


2 thoughts on “We Got Our Wish!

  1. Stephen slid by only because Omarosa was the PM. She turned on him,tried to get him fired and skate by like she did all through the show but this time she couldn’t pawn the failure off on someone else. Her team got more than their asses kicked..they got creamed. Piers’ team raised $164,000 to Omarosa’s istsy bitsy $7,000.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think Piers is a dickhead of epic proportions but this time he had the connections to make shit happen. Plus he wanted to nail Omarosa’s skanky ass to a tree and hang her out to dry, which he did.


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