Gee Thanks, Eden.

WARNING! Plunder on at your own risk!

Well, I saw something on Eden’s blog the other day that was intriguing.  She was invited by a fellow blogger to join a little group  whose mission  is to  "post one or more photos of yourself as "the real you."
Interpret that as you will, bearing in mind that honesty and
keeping-it-real is the goal. The truth will set us free… or at least
be entertaining for a few days. snort"
. I am not a member of this group but because Eden inspires me and because I thought it would be a good challenge for me, I finally did it myself.


I literally snapped this before I even got out of bed. All I did was reach over, put on my glasses, grab the camera and *click*. Before the hairbrush. Before the happy face. Before the morning pain pill. Before I give a shit. When I am at my Meh-est.

I didn’t even look at the photo until I sat down to post it because I knew I’d want to snap another that was "better" or "less real", which was completely NOT what Self-Truthiness is about. And if I waited to look at it, I couldn’t do that.

It’s amazing what time age and life can do to alter your sense of what is true. 15 years ago I wouldn’t go the mailbox without my hair "done", makeup on and in a "cute outfit". Goddess forbid, someone see the  uncensored version of me.

Now, the internet is gifted with my mug before I’ve even drug a brush through my tresses and brushed my chops. My neighborhood is frequently treated to my crazy hair, tattered terrycloth robe, paint splattered sweatpants, ink-smudged t-shirt, mismatched socks and bootie slippers when I go out to collect the mail or put the trash out for Manthing to carry to the cans.

I’m so hot…


3 thoughts on “Gee Thanks, Eden.

  1. Ya know, you need to remember that there are many *yous*, the early morning you, the *I just created this* you, the *being loved* you… and on and on….
    So yeah, the early morning picture may be *you*, but it is only one facet of the whole beautiful Goddess woman that you are.


  2. I LOVE this! It is very much about the Truthiness. I admit, I took several copies of the same photo but mine was always about getting it in focus. I admire that you were just “snap and done” — I wasn’t that gutsy 😉
    Cool project, innit?


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