My Boring Life

Much has happened since I last checked in with you. Or it at least seems that way.

    I am preparing for another show opening next month. Sort of.

    I’ve had another birthday.

    I took a 7-day jaunt to California to see my mother and my sister for the aforementioned event. See yesterday’s post.

    I’ve had my locks cut and coiffed and colored, California style. I’ve got an Electra thing going on. See yesterday’s post.

    Our last ferret died, an hour before my flight touched down the day I arrived home. She was over 7 years old and had cancer. Still tough.Still sucks.

I often don’t blog about the mundane day to day crap in my life
because I am certain if it bores me, it will surely bore the shit out
of you. However, as a friend points out, many people enjoy reading the
mundane, everyday events of some else’s life because it can remind them
they are not alone and what I consider to be mundane and boring may
indeed entertain, inspire and invigorate someone else.

Take today, for instance. I got up, got ready to go to the gallery.
Waited for the sCARE van to collect me and carry me to the gallery. On
the van, I was duly grunted at by the driver as I handed over my
ticket and eyed carefully as I dug around in my bag for my MP3 player
so I could listen to my daily dose of KATG.

Once at the gallery, I fired up my laptop, turned on lights, got my
daily fix of Diet Coke and checked e-mail, fixed a few blurps on the
gallery blog and website, researched blog stores and eCommerce through
blogging (John Unger’s got a terrific eCommerce Guide over on his Typepad Hacks site.
It’s chockfull of eCommerce information that is useful for anyone who
blogs.) I did some online marketing and promotion for the gallery site
and blog . I am now writing the post you are now reading and once done
with that I will peruse Popscribe and the KATG Forums or maybe read my feeds for the remaining 30 or so minutes until closing and then wait for sCARE to again collect me and carry me back home.

Once home, we might go out and grab a bite or I might toss some
leftovers in  microwave and call it dinner before I settle in for an
evening of TV and stitching or maybe a little artmaking on the off
chance I feel inspired.

My life is so exciting and glamorous. Can you stand it?

Actually there is probably some truth to the whole what’s boring to
me might not be boring to someone else. I keep up
with many of my favorite blogs daily because I care about what is
happening to their owners, boring or not. We all have our off periods.
It’s the loyal friends and readers who get through with you that are so

So much of what NATUI, BLC, Eden, Asshole,and
Attila write these days is not only interesting,
entertaining and thoughtful if not thought-provoking, their words
resonate with me because our experiences and outlooks on life are often
very similar. In reading their words, I find a certain comfortable
camaraderie and rapport with them while vaguely saddened that so many
of these cool, interesting and intelligent women live so far flung in
distance from me.  Of course, if we were to ever meet, I am not sure
what I would do. I think my head would explode or I would embarrass
myself in a fit of geekiness.

I am afterall, despite outward
appearances, rather anti-social and reclusive with a healthy pinch of misanthrope
thrown in for a pinch of spice.


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  1. You know, you goof, if you’d actually sent me your address I would have sent you the perfect birthday gift. LOL I was thinking just of you when I picked it up.
    Thanks for the shout! Happy B-day, girlfriend!


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