Writing About Art

One of
the reasons I don’t often write much about other people’s art is that
sometimes I can look at a work and have NO CLUE why the particular
piece was composed but I like it. Often it doesn’t occur to me to
wonder about the story behind the artwork unless it is obviously a
statement of some sort. It may be the color, it might be the
way a certain technique was employed that draws toward a work of art.
It might be how it makes me, the
viewer, feel. It could be any number of things that captures my attention and draws me to a particular piece of art. But why the artist
did what she or he did is not something that is always immediately

Indeed one of the things I am asked quite frequently about my own
art is, ‘Why’ and to them I always say what the art says to you is far
more important than any meaning I could attach to it for you.

This is why I was so glad to run across this article in the Wall Street Journal on the Lost Art of Writing About Art. Do check it out.