More Pagan 12 Steps

For those you who have been around awhile, know that I am a recovered drunk and dope fiend (07.05.1987). Yes. RECOVERED. It means I am no longer hounded by the compulsion to pickle my liver and jam white powder up my nose or in my arm.

Anyway, I was doing some research on a totally unrelated subject and found another variation on the 12 Steps. Damn, if these had been around when I was sobering up, I may gone a few months without my panties twisted in a knot over stupid shit. Then again… probably not. Heh.

A Pagan 12 Step Program by Anodea Judith

1. Admitted we had a problem and that we were squandering our power.

2. Came to see how the power within and without had been misaligned and made  a decision to reconnect them, seeing them as One.         

3. Through sharing and feedback from others, took an intelligent look at our behavior, examining our relationship to family patterns and dysfunctional culture.         

4. Made myself ready and willing to let go of old patterns.
5. Learned to ask for help.
6. Made a list of harm done, and carried out rectification and balancing 
wherever possible.
7. Made the commitment to continue the process of recovery, knowing 
that change takes time.
8. Pursued the strengthening of our connection with the web of life through appropriate activity and spiritual practice.

9. Having experienced a stabilized change from our awakening, we sought to help others along the path.
10. Examine my life story and my addiction (and codependency) in the  context of my role in a patriarchal, capitalistic system.

11. Use the events life brings as lessons for growth and accept my mistakes as part of my humanness.
12. Grow in our awareness that we are sacred beings, interrelated with all living things and, when ready, take an active part in helping the planet become a better place for all including ourselves.


Cool, huh?