Pssssssst…I’ve Become An Evangelist

I’ve been keeping a secret from most of you. I’ve only mentioned it in passing only a few times and discussed it only with Manthing, my mother and a few other people who needed to know.

Just for the record, there isn’t a sex tape or a baby on the way and I haven’t decided to move away, get married, or  close my blog. I have not auditioned for "Moment of Truth" and I won’t be appearing on "Dr. Phil" or "Jerry Springer" anytime in the future.


After two years of wending my way through governmental bureaucratic red tape with the help of some unusual and extraordinary DRS staff people; sitting through stiff and pointless interviews with companies looking for clones and perky college graduates; a few unsuccessful attempts to hammer my round self into square, 9 to 5 holes against my better judgment;  and two years bouncing between hope and discouragement, I was introduced to someone bright, smart and savvy enough to hire me to do what I do best: write, be creative and help others connect with each other.

So it is with great pride and excitement that I announce beginning June 9th, I’ll have a nice, round, shiny, never-before-used new evangelical position to look forward to.  Don’t rub your eyes. You read it right. Ee-van-gel-ick-cal.

title proper is Community Evangelist and in a nutshell I’ll be
responsible for content development, editorial supervision, and
reaching out to
new people for a new online community called Active Gray Matter. Puts a new spin on evangelical pursuits! Yay! Go me!

I’ll be able to be creative, meet new people and do what I love while maintaining my vaguely mysterious and reclusive lifestyle.

I’ll be able to work most days from home, in my pajamas (if I want to)- just like Hef but without the girlfriends, the mansion and the staff.

I’ll be able to continue writing and creating art.

And I’ll be able to continue on at the Gallery.

Active Gray Matter is a community designed by and for people with disabling or chronic
conditions. More than just another online social networking site, community members will be able to connect with people who share a passion for economic
independence through self-employment or career development. Community
members have access to Active Gray Matter‘s network of professionals and mentors. Though still in its trial period, Active Gray Matter will officially launch next month. If you want to check things out ahead of time, just click on the link and have a look around.

I am so excited about the opportunity to join and be a part of this new and innovative community and looking forward to the new challenges and growth ahead.


2 thoughts on “Pssssssst…I’ve Become An Evangelist

  1. Just found your site while researching encaustic collage for summer workshops at a kids art centre in Hong Kong. Your work is a pleasure to discover.
    Congratulations on your new job! The kind of mobility that comes along with your new line of work is really appealing.
    Best wishes and good luck to you in your new endeavors.


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