A Room of One’s Own

Okay, so it’s been a few weeks. I’ve had a bunch to do in preparation for getting the equipment for my new workspace.

I had to transform this:


To this (with some help of course):


Doing that meant moving the furkids into the kitchen and finding a place for everything else, which is no easy feat nor for the faint of heart.

We live in a small house that is positively CRAMMED with stuff and so when you move one thing, you have to move at least three other things. It’s a bit like living in a jigsaw puzzle. So when you move substantial things around like storage space or furniture or furkids kennels, it takes awhile. Then add me and my spine to the mix, it probably takes 3 times as long for me to get anything done even with help.

But it is done now and once I got to work in here, I realized how much I missed having a space of my own in which to write. I had been working and writing at a station in the living room which is perfect for web surfing, light e-mail reading and photo editing but it lacks the flat space and the environment conducive to productivity and writing. And it’s nice to have a desk again with a good comfortable chair in which to lean back in and think deep thoughts about social media and writing and and art- whatever pops into my head to feed my insatiable curiosity and active imagination.

Though I share this space with the washer and dryer and an art making nook, I have really been enjoying  have a space where I can be alone, that is mine to write in again. In her book, "A Room of One’s Own", Virginia Woolf wrote, "’a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction". I don;t have a lot of money so I don’t write a lot of fiction but I have to say it has been lovely to write and work with no other person in the room; no TV droning on and on with programs I detest. I have caught myself wondering if this isn’t more important than having having a studio. Perhaps not.  Perhaps they are equally important and I am just a space hog.

What do you think?  How important is having a space in which to create where you can be alone ? Do you have a space of your own at home where you can be alone to blog or do art or write or mix music or whatever it is you do? If so, how important is it to you? If not, how do you manage?


3 thoughts on “A Room of One’s Own

  1. Katja- This room has no doors either- except to the outdoors. An escape route! Heehehe. And thanks! I had no idea you were reading!
    MaryBeth- Thanks! It’s great to have my sculpture around me and such. As I said I have really missed it.


  2. I think a space to do what ever is your passion is essential, even if it is just a space to sit and meditate everyday where no one else comes and bothers you.
    Your space looks GREAT!


  3. Hey Krishanna,
    Vital! It’s vital to have a room of one’s own! And *doors!* Functioning doors that close are vital too! I have a room of my own but no doors, hence my rabidity on the subject. Nice to read your pixels again …


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