More Dear Doctor Fun

Well, just to show me… Dear Doctor’s office returned my call about 4PM.

I still did not speak to the doctor directly.

NURSE 1: I got a message here that you called Dear Doctor for a referral for a new doctor?

ME: Yes.

NURSE 1: Well, Dear Doctor cannot automatically refer you to a new doctor. Can you SEND US A LIST (emphasis mine) of the physicians in your network and if he knows any of them, he will be happy to recommend them.

ME: I need to provide you with a list? Are you telling me Dear Doctor doesn’t have the name of a doctor who can provide me with the level of care he can without looking at a list *I* send him?

NURSE 1:  Yes.

Motherfucker. I even have to provide a name for my own fucking recommendation.

ME: Well, you know, I really don’t think I care to go to all the trouble to do that. You guys have already inconvenienced and insulted my intelligence enough for one day. But, perhaps he knows of the new physician I intend to visit. Her name is Hopefully Competent, MD and she works of the Hospital Dear Doctor left to be a part of your retarded three-ring circus family practice.

NURSE 1: Well, I’ll pass this information on to Dear Doctor and give you a jingle back.

ME: I’ll wait with baited breath.

About 10 minutes later, another nurse from Dear Doctor’s office called me.

NURSE 2: This is Perky Unhelpful Nurse 2 at Dear Doctor’s office.  Unfortunately, Dear Doctor doesn’t know Hopefully Competent MD.

What a fucking surprise.

NURSE 2: I am sorry this has happened. Unfortunately this does happen sometimes when you switch insurance. My husband had to go through this very thing last year so I know it is devastating.

Uh, hello ? You fuckers STILL aren’t listening to me and if it’s so "devastating" why the fuck do you do it?

ME: Wait a minute! Just hold it! this has nothing to do with MY insurance company.  My insurance company called YOUR business office and wanted to make it so I could continue to see Dear Doctor.  YOUR BUSINESS OFFICE has refused to accept my insurance. It has ZERO to do with my insurance and everything to do with YOUR business office.

NURSE 2: Oh. So this has to do with our policies and not your insurance?

"CLICK" goes the lightbulb.

ME: That would be correct.

(long pause)

NURSE 2: Oh. Well. I’m very sorry we cannot help you.

ME: Well, a few hours ago I might agree with you. But I don’t now because even if Jesus came down and visited your business office and made them see the light, I would still need to take a big pass on ever being treated in that office again.

What is too bad is that Dear Doctor is a good doctor and I was very pleased with  his medical expertise and attention; it’s your business office that sucks big time. I have had to see a lot of doctors in the last 10 years regarding my spinal cord injury and I have NEVER been treated so poorly or not been allowed to speak with to my doctor when I specifically asked to do so. And as long as Dear Doctor is hooked up with your outfit, I’ll seek medical treatment elsewhere. I have enough going on without being treated like an inconvenient commodity.

(long pause)

NURSE 2: Well, I wish we could help but apparently we can’t. Oh and the doctor says your prescriptions will need to be refilled by your new physician.

No surprise there, either.

ME: I figured as much.

And that was the end of that.

So, once I have calmed down enough to write a decent letter, I will once again write to Dear Doctor because I am not at all sure he ever received the first one. And to make sure he will receive it, Manthing said he will have a chat with him at his next appointment and hand deliver a copy of the letter to him, in case Dear Doctor never receives the second one.

Because as Eden has pointed out in the past, there’s a chance he doesn’t know what is going on. Still, it seems to me that he’d want to make it his business to know. I’ll post a copy here once it’s done.


5 thoughts on “More Dear Doctor Fun

  1. I wrote my letter while I still mightly pissed off. Now that I’m a bit calmer about the whole thing (though still pissed), I have to edit it. 😉
    You obviously have excellent taste in reading material.


  2. Eden- I made an appointment to see a new doctor the very same day. This office has forms online and appears to be rather proactive as opposed to control freakish. We shall see.
    Emma. Thanks for chiming in! When I told my mother that I was going to write a letter once I calmed down, she wondered why I would do that since I have a new doctor. Heh. BTW, I’ve read every book you have listed on Library Thing.. 😉


  3. I’m in the process of writing my own scathing letter to my ex-gynecologist…along with the payment of the $15.00 bill her office sent me to copy and transfer my records to my new, much more competent and available gynecologist. I was going to fight the bill, but honestly, it’s just not worth it to me. And, if she keeps treating her patients like she treated me, she’s going to need the $15.00 more than I will.
    Best of luck to you.


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