What About Free Speech & Responsibility?

Okay, people. Can we please ease up on the political correctness here?

First, there was the outcry this week over Don Imus again:

I noticed it this week only because hearing about it vaguely annoyed me. But I was pre-occupied with more pressing matters so I didn’t linger on it.

This morning, I checked my morning e-mail and found an e-mail asking me to sign a petition to let Kathy Lee Gifford her latest dumb ass crap had pissed off a bunch of pagans.

Oy Vai.

Here’s what Kathy Lee Gifford did and said:

Now, because I identify as a pagan, I am automatically supposed to get my bloomers bunched up over this?

FIRST:  I say bullshit. So you don’t like what Kathy Lee Gifford said. Big deal. That doesn’t mean you get to shut her up. Sorry. You can bitch about she said. You can start petitions to make her apologize for what she says. But that doesn’t mean she will shut up or her employers will censor her or force her to apologize.

Last time I checked, I live in America and you know what? I can say whatever the hell I want about anyone I want because we have a little thing here called Free Speech. I may not like what people say but they have the right to say them without fear of losing their jobs or harassment or censorship.

SECOND: So Kathy Lee referred to pagans as "bad and nasty". Does anyone in this country not know what an ignorant, vapid, dunder-headed ancient bag of dusty wind Kathy Lee Gifford actually is? Hello? Is KATHY LEE GIFFORD’S  uneducated, narrow-minded stupid ass OPINION really that big of a deal?

THIRD: As a pagan-type person, I want to  know who the bad guys are.  I want to know who doesn’t like me. I don’t want them hiding off in the shadows making idiotic, insipid dumbass comments where I can’t see or hear them.  I want them front and center for all the world to see.

"Well", said someone today as we were discussing this, "with that logic I guess it would be fine with you if a pedophile moved into your neighborhood because they have a right to live, right?"

Would I be "fine" with it? No. I wouldn’t care to have a pedo in my neighborhood, especially if I had kids. BUT, the pedo has a right to live anywhere he wants as long as he follows the rules, goes to therapy AND DOESN’T DO ANY KID TOUCHING OR RAPING OF ANY KIND. We live in a free society and because it’s free, all kinds of people get to live wherever they want.

What about what happened to that guy in California, recently? He only
said he was obsessed with kids and thought about touching them and they
ran him out of the fucking state. True enough, he was wacko-
certifiable. True enough, he got put in the pokey because he wouldn’t
keep away from the grade school after the court order forbid him to be
within 400 yards or something of it. But chasing him out of his home
because of what he might do? That was wrong. Better safe than sorry you
might think but I think we tread on dangerous ground when we begin
participating in mob mentality. Very dangerous ground.

So I may not like it and it may worry me but the pedo still has the right to live wherever he wants to live. Once he violates the rules and touches ANY kid, I’ll sign every damn petition that comes down the pike and do whatever I can to get him and keep him out of my neighborhood. Get the fuck out and don’t come back. Have a terrific, incarcerated life, you piece of shit rat bastard.

"You’d feel differently if you had kids. You’d want to know your kids are safe".

Uhm, wouldn’t that be my responsibility? As a parent it’d be up to me to protect my kid, right? I’ll tell you, I’d have ZERO FUCKING PROBLEM telling my kid:

"See that person who lives in the green house on the corner"?

"Yes, Mommy."

"Well, stay way from them. You have my permission to ignore that person. You don’t have to say hello or be polite to them. If they touch you or come near you, scream your head off and run away from them as fast as you can. That’s a bad, sick person and they hurt children so stay away from them".

And if they didn’t stay away from the weirdo on the corner, we’d be having some chats and some grounding going on at my house.  Sometimes, a little healthy fear is good for a kid.

So, do I like what Don Imus or Kathy Lee said? Not particularly. I also consider the source.
Kathy Lee Gifford is an ignorant sack of aging wind and Don Imus is a dinosaur. I’d tell my kid to run away from them screaming too.

What about you?


4 thoughts on “What About Free Speech & Responsibility?

  1. Hi MaryBeth! I am not sure what you mean by saying “we pay for our TV”. The content and commentary provided by any of the networks is free to the public and paid for by advertisers, I thought. Maybe I am wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.. 😉
    Secondly, I just watched the video again and I still don’t see how what Gifford said was bashing Pagans. In what way was it bashing or prejudicial against Pagans?
    Clearly, it was a ignorant, ridiculous statement. Clearly the writers who wrote that particular segment believe Pagans are in the past tense (i.e. “Pagans believed..”) If she had said “the nasty, bad Huns” would she have been bashing the Huns? What about the Vikings? Both groups of people had a reputation of being particularly nasty and bad folks if you came up against them in battle. As were the Celts and Turks.
    Thirdly, you have the right to exercise your right to free speech with “your little petition”, your words not mine. However, I really don’t know how a petition that seeks to force someone to apologize for something they said because you don’t like it achieves anything. She said something you don’t like. Okay. She has the right to say stuff you don’t like. It’s free speech against free speech. It’s a wash. She still doesn’t get why what she said was wrong and the petition still hasn’t really changed a damn thing. Except that everyone has even more animosity toward one another, Pagans (as a group) are further away from their goals and the networks still see Pagans as a bunch of uppity nutballs.
    *I* won’t sign a petition like that because they seeks to censor and infringe on someone else’s right to free speech and for me, that is “nasty and bad”.


  2. Ya know, even if you tell a child to avoid that person, they are a CHILD, and their brains just dont work like ours does, and they do things they are told not to do sometimes.
    And yes, the empty headed Gifford thing has a right to free speech as an individual, but we PAY for our TV and have a right not to have to listen to anyone bash us. Since I dont watch them any more, I think the networks might want to know why they are loosing revenue, wouldnt you? So our little petition allows us our rights of free speech to speak out against prejudice in any form. What Gifford says on her own time is her rights, what she says on a program I am paying for is partly up to me. If I want it to be a better program, I need to speak out, and let the network know.


  3. Your description of Kathy Lee Gifford was dead-on, as were the rest of your sentiments. I just recently checked the Pennsylvania sex offenders website to see who’s in my ‘hood. I have no intention of trying to run anyone out of the neighborhood, I just like to know who I need to watch out for, since I do a lot of walking.
    It’s like white supremacists or other ignorant miscreants. I don’t like what they have to say, but they have the right to say it. And the fact that they use that right allows me to who I need to steer clear of.


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