You might be an entrepreneur if …

In Identify the entrepreneurial spirit within, Dawn Duncan writes:

Recognizing that you may have an insatiable urge to create and lead the
charge on a new project is a good first step in identifying if you’re
suited for being out on your own.

Ask yourself if you possess any or all of the following:

• Strong creativity and a need to express individual style, ideas and opinions.

• Ability to quickly grasp new concepts, shift gears, and go another direction.

• Desire to contribute on a higher level in terms of innovation, creativity or service.

• Resilience; ability to bounce back time after time when rejected.

• Ability to communicate ideas to others and persuade them to get on board.

• Desire to work on a rewards-based system rather than a
stability-based system; you would forego a huge base salary for the
opportunity to increase compensation based solely on performance.

• Strong desire for autonomy.

• Propensity to derive inspiration from several types of people and
sources and develop business ideas based on your reactions to these.

• Tendency to pursue ideas relentlessly until they are implemented.

Yup, I’m moving in the right direction.

What about you?  How many of these traits do you possess and/or identify with?