In Defense of Elizabeth Edwards and Other Enablers

And then Lee Woodruff (yep, Bob Woodruff’s wife), posted this charming and well put commentary in her space at the Huffington Post.

This past Sunday, Sally Quinn wrote a thought provoking Washington Post column
about Elizabeth Edwards that got many of my friends talking. She took a
slightly different tack than much of the other media coverage has
taken. In the outcry about John Edward’s revelations, she pointed one
of her fingers at Elizabeth Edwards, as an enabling wife. In my humble
opinion, there are arguably many ways to examine this kind of a news
story. There are so many angles in the prism from which to view it; who
is at fault, who did what to whom, who is lying and when did they lie.
In short — the world has always been and is full of human frailty. But
when someone is running for public office, it does require a stronger

Read more. Go ahead. I dare you.

Words? Thoughts? Commentary of your own?


4 thoughts on “In Defense of Elizabeth Edwards and Other Enablers

  1. You don’t have to walk a mile in someone’s shoes to know that the good citizen’s of Iowa don’t want a serial adulterer (yes, John sacked Rielle more than once!) acting like a family man and hustling their votes. This ain’t France!


  2. I really try to take the “walk a mile in my shoes” view of these situations. There’s no way I’m going to say with 100% confidence what I would have done were I Elizabeth Edwards. There are too many factors that the public does not know and probably will never know.
    I don’t believe that someone’s infidelity immediately disqualifies him/her from public office. But I do think that if someone thinks it’s important, then it should be just as important for all candidates, not just ones someone doesn’t particularly like.


  3. Elizabeth was so brilliant that she knew in 2006 that John’s sex scandal would never be exposed to the public before he was elected president. She is so classy and brave that she could take contributor’s money for cheatin’ John and know absolutely that folks were helping his campaign that would never be derailed in any way. I really admire Elizabeth. So smart, so cunning, so a wonderful political operator. And no matter how much John lied to her, Elizabeth said that John always has his family waiting for him at home. What a wonderful example to her children. I admire her strength and integrity so much.


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