We’ll See

I have successfully kept my fingers still about "the Election" since the Primaries. Other than a few articles shared on my Google Reader page, I haven’t said so much here.

In California, my views are considered conservative, in Virginia, liberal.  Because I am an artist most people assume I am liberal. I tend to think of myself as Progressive. People who know me, family and friends, know I am pretty moderate about
most things political. I have issues I am passionate like anyone else but for most part I am moderate.

When Hillary lost the Primary, I supposed that history would repeat itself and it did. Refreshingly though it seems that the color of skin is secondary to the perceived character and ideologies, at least on the face of things..

Our household has been polarized by this election so we had a moratorium on discussing politics. When we went to the polls yesterday, it was with the knowledge that our votes were canceling each other out. But more than that, we were voting against someone rather than voting for someone else. I had an attitude about that because for the last four elections before this one, I voted for someone and I knew why. That was not so this time. If I could have voted with prejudice, I would have.

I am not convinced Obama is the great harbinger of change that people seem to want to believe he is. I don’t know that I agree with Christiane Amanpour – that this election will change the world. Though I will venture to say it might change how America is viewed around the world. But like most of the country, I am tired of the status quo.  I am ready for change. More importantly, I believe it’s time for change and I’m not sure it can happen in four years.

When I consider the alternative, I guess I’ll take what I can get.

We’ll see.

This time.