Scobleizer and the US Car Industry

On Thursday, I posted an article I found about US Auto industry CEOs flying to Washington to beg for money. The stupidity of using a private jet to ask taxpayers for $25 billion dollars was so overwhelming it made my stomach turn and certainly didn't do anything for my heartstrings. I figured if they were stupid enough to do it, they deserved what they got.

Then today, Robert Scoble wrote a great piece why we should support bailing the US Auto Industry out of the giant pile of poo the created and HOW they should do it. So often I hear or read about people complaining about one thing or another but if you ask them what their ideas are on changing it, making it better, or fixing it- "Uh, I dunno".

I wasn't against bailing them out or for it either. Too much of our economy is wrapped up in our auto industry and I am no economist. It was the flying to beg for money in a private jet I found insulting and ludicrous. However, Scoble suggested that the CEOs should have DRIVEN cars made by their companies to Washington. Duh. Why didn't I think of that? Because I am not the Scobleizer, that's why.

Anyway, if you're interested in some clear common sense and expertise, go read what he wrote and what Ford wrote in response.