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Disclaimer: I’ve got my Rantipants on. Coarse language ahead.
We were Comcast customers for many, many years- close to 14 years I think. It was not out of any loyalty after a few years though. It was because it was the only game in town.  My issue was rarely with the service itself- that was pretty ok most of the time. My issues were always with customer support. It sucks ass at my local office but I thought it was the same everywhere.

Everytime there was technical issue, it was our router or our fault. Nothing was ever their fault. Everytime there was billing issue, it was a nightmare. Once, after a hurricane that knocked out power for 10 days, they doulbled our bill and INSISTED we had equipment and service we didn’t have. The customer support philosophy at my local office seemed to be “We’re doing YOU a favor.” And it only got worse.

Then at some point in the last several years, they began billing one month in advance with no advance warning. When I called to question it, I was told that Cable and Internet service was a subscription service, not a utility and therefore they could do what they wanted. If I didn’t like it I didn’t have to subscribe and it was afterall instituted to benefit me, the subscriber. It would lighten my load, help me out. Well, yes, except there was no cable or broadband service unless you paid them for it.

When we moved, they refused to apply the month in advance I paid to the new address. We moved in the middle of our billing cycle and therefore it was possible to transfer service but not payments to a new address. WTF? At the time, we were doing ok and the bill wasn’t that much at the time it was less than $100 so, I let it go EXCEPT I quit paying that month in advance. That was I was only paying for what I was using and not more, so I thought.

Then I got the bill. I was charged a two buck late fee on the amount I didn’t owe because according to them, the bill was not paid in full. So, I lived with the late charge. In the mean time, they began charging  a five buck fee to process credit card payments using customer support. If you called customer support  more than three times in a month for a non-technical issue, they assessed another five dollar fee. Online payments were wholly incovenient unless you enrolled in automatic payments every month. Then, when I got my bill in January 2009 I saw an EIGHT dollar late fee assessed. Eight fucking dollars? Really? WTF?

Rather than call customer support again, we decided it was time. We had FiOs intalled on January 12th. On  January 13th and resisted the urge break into a loud and rousing version of Happy Happy, Joy Joy  in the lobby after returning the equipment. By 3 pm that afternoon our e-mail addresses were toast. I figured I would be billed for 6 days since the billing cycle ended on January 19th.

Imagine what adjectives were evoked when I opened an envelope from Comcast last week containing a bill for almost $170! It should be mentioned here that that Manthing calls me his “customer service nightmare” for a reason.

I called Customer Support yesterday only to be told that it was the remaining balance on the account. I told them they were billing me for February and I didn’t owe for February. I got annoyed and explained the situation again. I was again told the computer said that’s what I owed and so I owed it. There was no looking into why, only the offer to escalate it. So, I told them to escalate it and keep escalting it because “this was BULLSHIT”.  (And  what is up with THAT? You no longer talk with a supervisor?  Your issue is escalated. Escalated where? To the land of bullshit?)

Shortly, afterward I Twittered, ” Grrrrr. Comcast is haunting me” and @ComcastBill responded asking if he could help. I told him it was a billing issue and wasn’t sure he could help because he was in Philly. I was skeptical.

So, this morning I get my escalated call. I’m not at my cheery, patient best in the morning and, admittedly, I can be a real asshole. SO again I am told I owe THIS and I tell her I OWE that. I think they do this circular shit because most people get so annoyed and aggravated that they just pay whatever  the amount is to be rid of the irksome, ball of sit that is my local Comcast Customer Support department.

This was not going to be me. Once I know I’m right, I am like a Pitbull playing with a tire. I don’t let go of it till I get satisfaction or you prove to me how I am wrong. So I asked this drone how I could owe payment for a service I didn’t receive. Again she went into the “yellow plus green makes blue” circular explanation, never actually answering my intital question. This passive-agressive bullshit aggravates me quicker than looking at me straight in the face and calling me something really ugly. It’s insulting, chickenshit and disingenuous. So I blew my top and again called the situation what it was: BULLSHIT.

“Do not speak like that. I am offended by that language and I will hang up on you if you keep using it”

By now I am so irritated I don’t know what to do but reply, “I’ll speak any damn way I want. I am not calling you names but  how about this: This is CRAP. You need to prove to me why I owe Comcast $170 because my records show something quite different”.

“I am happy to do that. Do I use the address we have on file”?


“Can I do anything else for you”?

“Uh no. Comcast has done quite enough”.


I was in the middle of checking my e-mail and tweets so I tweeted ComcastBill and told him my local office had beaten me into submission and I just wanted off the bus.

Now pay attention.

In less than 10 Tweets (including thanks and an explanation of what the problem was), the situation was resolved, I have a 0 balance with Comcast.

So, if you have crappy local Comcast Customer Support and are getting no resolution, tweet @ComcastBill in Philly. He gets stuff done. No bullshit.

Link: Ren And Stimpy-Happy Happy Joy Joy


One thought on “Tweet @ComcastBill

  1. Rantipants. I like that. Gonna probably steal that one day, but write ‘rantypants’ to avoid copyright infringement.
    Google shows 965,000 hits for “comcast complaints.” I’m sure there are millions more. I too have been a victim, but I’m from the Northeast where the role of comcast is played by verizon.
    Not sure I’m going to make the jump to FiOS, but it seems like every few months we have to get a tech out to undo another tech’s work; they keep adding too many households to our pedestal (at one time, eight households on a connection built for two). Sure enough, a few months later, some other tech has added homes to our node because the neighboring one must not be as strong a connection. Imagine all the overhead they’d save if they kept track of these back-and-forths… then they could stop passing along these assinine costs to us.
    Nice rant.


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