Spring Cleaning!

I did a little Spring Cleaning over the course of last week. I seem to gravitate to wanting to clean  out stuff that’s been sitting around to long and throw open the windows and doors for fresh air naturally.

So when Alison Stanfield’s newsletter came in this morning, it was
synchronicity! These smart, easy-to-do suggestions for cleaning up the studio
this spring could apply to your sewing room, home, office or anywhere you follow
your dreams and create the life you want.

Alison suggests:

“1. Clean out your studio. Throw out dried-up paints and
other unusable materials that take up space; catalogue and organize your
artwork; dust the shelves; and mop the floors. Give yourself a deadline to
organize any material you have been collecting that has piled up without a
specific home.

2. Clean out your “ideas.” Most artists
collect ideas, which are actually tangible things like magazine articles or
newspaper clippings. You think you may get to them one day, but somehow they
keep winding up at the bottom of piles. Getting rid of them will provide mental
and physical space for fresher ideas. For the paperless ideas that keep haunting
you, journal about them so that they’re not lost or forgotten.

Clean out your schedule. Get rid of items you don’t have to do
in order to make room for what you really want in your life.

4. Clean
off your desk.
Make your office a place where you want to do business,
where you want to spend the 50% of your time that you should be devoting to
marketing yourself and your work. Create systems so that your workspace never
gets out of control again.

5. Clean out your paper files. We
all have files that have become unruly and ones we know deep down that we no
longer have to keep. Get rid of the stuff. 

6. Clean out your files
in your computer
as well. Consolidate and make computer folders with
headings similar to your hard-copy folders so that they are easy to find.

Clean out your opportunities. There are so many things waiting
to take up your time and energy. You can’t do it all. You can’t say Yes to
everything. Let go of the commitments that aren’t serving you and trust that
someone more suitable is waiting to take responsibility for them. “

While I haven’t accomplished all of these tasks yet, I feel lighter and less
bogged down, more in touch with the natural rhythm of things. I like the energy shift in my house, in my studio/office and in getting neglected projects and
chores done and off the tattered and dog-eared To-Do list.

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