The Earrings

I had no idea when I put the earrings on this morning I would encounter such news this afternoon.

A favorite blogger of mine, whose blog I visited as often as my time allowed, whose words and attitudes I found inspiring and refreshing has moved on to another plane and is no longer here with us.

The earrings I hung in my earlobes this morning were made by her. Clear, cool, deep and simple. I read the note she enclosed in the blue organdy bag they arrived in and smiled, as I always do when I wear those earrings.

She is survived by her True Love, one puss and family and friends.

I will miss her words and adventures.


2 thoughts on “The Earrings

  1. Thanks, Katja. It was a loss…. kind of like when a really bright star goes out and you can’t see it anymore. You know it’s still around but it’s gone dark… harder to see.


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