Is buzzing around my head

Like one of those tiny gnats

Wings beating silently

Too close to your face

making you hold your breath

In order not to breathe it in

It seeps upward

Like air bubbles in a tar pit

The bones of my love for you

Shifting, sinking deeper

Becoming  part of the earth again

It’s so strange how in just

A few short months

I can look back on myself like a stranger

I dulled my spark

And weakened my spirit

So I could continue to stay

Where I knew I would not flourish

And you whom I loved best

Your splashes of sincerity evade me entirely

Your aim is not at fault

I just have no faith left

For it to stick to

I’ve labored to throw open

The heavy, scarred wooden door

Wrestling the wind

As it sucks past me

And rushes through the house


Standing new in the crisp, naked air

No crutch, no pretty eye

I leave not only you

But also the part of me

That fears my own song’s truth.

The sun still shines brightly.

It had grown so dark in there.


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