Online Dating 101: If you’re writing love notes…

If you’re writing love notes via e-mail to your “one and only love” after announcing you are a “one-woman man”, please pay more attention to detail when you are cutting pasting from another love note you’ve already sent. I’ve refrained from poking at the verse for now. Example follows below:

Hi My Lovely krishanna!

Those three little words  that say I love you  Are etched in my mind so vivid and so true. I love the way you make me feel and your actions and your words I love to love you with an ardent zeal and to feel your love in return.Those three little words may be only that  But to me they mean so much more they are certainly worth the fight. Your love is like a mighty sword it cuts through all the dreck As i will love you forever more let us never tempt the fate.our love runs oh so solid and oh so true That is why i love you Amy I love solemnly only YOU! 

Forever Yours…A

‘Nuff said.


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