loveBefore you fall in love with me, you must know about my stitched up, slightly beaten up heart, occasional bouts of tears, and nights of insomnia. I could have made some different choices but I did what I did. Good and not so good. I am not who I once was. I have moved on. I sometimes talk too loudly and speak too directly. Often, I am far too practical and sometimes distant. My creativity can get the best of me sometimes and my thoughts will be consumed with it.

You must know that sometimes I’m silent but I always notice. My mental notes are nearly always on point. I’m not naïve and never underestimate what I know just because I can be selective about what I share and when. People often think that just because I don’t care to catch them in every lie that I’m not paying attention. That’s a mistake. Still, I don’t set traps or play detective. I no longer spend a lot of time beating on a wall hoping it will become a door. If there’s a question, I’ll ask. Time, I’ve found, reveals all eventually- everything comes to light. Your actions dictate half of our relationship; my actions dictate the other. I don’t keep people in my life who haven’t shown me they deserve to stay. Little things add up. They count. Remember that.

I don’t necessarily want shooting stars or diamonds and gold. I want a steady hand and a kind soul. I want to fall asleep and awaken knowing my heart is safe. I want to love and be loved because I’ve learned the best kind of people help you see the sun when you only see clouds. They’re the ones that believe in you so much, you believe in yourself.  They are the people who simply love you for being you. I am a once in a life time woman.

But once you fall in love with those parts of me, you can fall in love with my tenderness, my smile, my passion, my warm embrace. You can fall in love with the way I’ll warm your hands with mine and tickle your toes under the quilts at night. You can fall in love with how I’ll make you soup when you’re sick and how I’ll kiss you when you hurt. Fall in love with the way I laugh, the soft words of encouragement I’ll give easily and often and how my eyes light up when I see you after a long day.

I want someone who is prepared for a million questions, uncontrollable laughter, random texts, sad and happy tears and deep discussions. I want a man who is ready for my imagination and my dreams, hand holding and walks beneath the stars, affection, absolute honesty and trust. I want a man who is ready for a heart that loves completely.