Fire Your Web Designer

One reason small businesses and freelance professionals look to blogs is because they greatly reduce dependence on a Web Designer or Web Design Team to get information and announcements online.

Developing a Web site for your business or service can take weeks or months from choosing the right designer and hammering out a solution to finally getting the site launched. It’s not only time consuming and costly, many designers make it seem magical and mysterious.

It isn’t.

By using a blog, you can create a bare bones site for yourself in 20 minutes, often for less than 20 dollars, with hosting and software included. And you don’t need to know anything about Web design. With a blog you can be online and publishing in the time it takes to watch a reality television show, with far fewer decisions to make.

My clients have found that blogs are a robust yet simple and cost-effective way to start out online while building their businesses that looks great and is simple to manage. Once you know how to manage your blog, you can move on to more complex Web design solutions if needed.

Often though my clients have found they enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of blogging so much, they’ve abandoned their traditional Web sites for good.


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  1. Hi Darlene! Thanks for your kind words. =) I’m still adding and tweaking and fine tuning but I’m glad you found you way here and enjoyed what you found! It means a lot! Thanks for taking the time to comment!


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