I Create

I write. I edit. I create. I connect.

Creative Wonk was founded by a woman with a passion for living life and chocolate, along with a superlative talent for writing, editing and an uncanny knack for communicating on the Web.  That passion and talent will help take your project from a glimmer of an idea to a full-blown reality.

I’m Krishanna Spencer, and I am Creative Wonk. That shouldn’t sound strange coming from someone who knows a thing or two about art, creativity, and writing.  I believe life is too short to spend too much of it being a grump. I’m patient, perceptive, insightful, artistic, obviously creative and a dismal failure at long-term pessimism.

I’m really good at making something out of nothing and even better at tweaking and poking at stuff to transform it. This means I have a vast imagination. I’ve chosen to use that talent for good rather than evil.

Most of the time.

I spend a lot of time reading about writing and content, creativity and creation, learning new skills, and bookmarking inspiration, some of which I share here on Creative Wonk.  Since the actual work of creating is still what pays the bills around here, I can’t promise this will happen on a daily, or even weekly basis but I’ll do my best to share with you regularly in this space.

If you STILL haven’t learned enough about me, go here…


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