me and mom 1964

Mom and me, 1964

My name is really Krishanna, a name my mom found in a museum before I was born. I used to hate it but as I’ve grown older it’s grown on me. I’ve also been known as a few other names online such as Otter and Krish. Half of my friends in my life use these monikers and my family calls me something else, so what you get here is less alter ego and more conjoined split personality, which I will not talk with my therapist about, because we get along so well.

I am a social media junkie, writer, blogger, visual artist, photographer, needlecrafter, and old-school feminist, currently presenting heterosexual, who types away from a comfortable spot in a two bedroom townhouse, where I share my life with a small pride of  cats and a modest group of  amazingly creative friends in Central Virginia.

I’m also an Aries with a Scorpio Moon, a known bibliophile, animal lover (four-footed furry kind), disability advocate, former lesbian, television and movie buff,  and music fan. I have been described as the perfect girlfriend, an awesome friend and fearsome enemy; quirky, gimpy, snarky, geeky, curmudgeonly, honest, straightforward, bitchy, unconventional, gorgeous, irreverent, indomitable, generous, beautiful, kind, patient, encouraging, amazing, talented, all heavily seasoned with a healthy sense of the ridiculous and a pervasive bullshit detector.

Me, Halloween 1969

I spent my childhood in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, CA. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s I ran the streets of Hollywood as a teen punk rocker party girl while living as a wayward ward of the court in a group home for girls called Penny Lane. I got sober in 1987 at the tender age of 23 and learned to live a different way. I became a member of Cocaine Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous and studied philosophy and religion, especially pre-Christian religions. I struggled with my faith for a decade or so until I realized that I wasn’t actually struggling with faith so much as trying to feel something that I just didn’t.  It was an “it’s-not-you-it’s-me” situation. Sorry Jesus, you’re a cool dude but….

I’ve studied Goddess religions and identified as a Dianic Witch for many years. I’ve studied Jungian Spirituality, Goddess Spirituality,  and Teutonic religion and Druidry. I was contributing co-editor for The Beltane Papers, a monthly women’s spirituality journal and studied with Shekhinah Mountainwater.  I lived and worked with Traditional American Indians for a time, studied with a Medicine Woman and Elders and it changed the way I look at life. Today, my faith is firmly rooted in American Conjure and Rootwork and the infinite power of the world around us.

Returning to school in 1989 left me feeling uninspired. I discovered am less a student and more an autodidact. It’s not that I don’t like to study; it’s that I am an experiential learner, and I have been a much happier person since I realized that fact. Since then, I have worked in telephone sales offices and market research companies, law firms and corporate America, in malls, convenient stores, consulting firms, privately owned and non-profit human service organizations, art galleries and telecommuting from home as a visual artist and doing contract writing and editing work on the Web. This comfortable spot suits me just fine right now. It is the locus for my blogging, writing, and editing; my collages, assemblages, jewelry, photography and needlecraft, and it is large enough to fit all of my art and the cats and  in with me. It beats the claustrophobia of corporate cubicle life any day.

krishanna 2009

Me, At desk, 2009

I started blogging in 1999,  recovering from two major spine surgeries, unsteadily navigating though the world as a newly disabled 37-year-old woman while trying to remain sane and connected. I began creating small collages and crafts because sitting at computer writing hurt too much and I had to express myself. That, in time led to creating art, exhibiting art (my own and other peoples’) fulltime and learning about the art business and worked with VSA Arts of Virginia in several capacities from teaching artist to regional coordinator to executive assistant and program director.

I ensconced myself in studios at two of the up and coming art centers in my area and got busy. In addition to exhibiting my own work at various local galleries in my area,  I founded and directed Outside The Lines in 2005, a peer run, volunteer driven, inclusive arts entrepreneurial program open to local, regional and national artists of merit, with and without disabilities, to showcase their work for sale in and around the Central Virginia region and participate in arts workshops and other cultural events running for nearly two years before closing it’s doors.  In 2006, I launched an international assemblage and collage exhibition representing 50 artists from all over the world called Human Artefakts. It was the only exhibition of its kind in Richmond, VA then or since.

Me, In Studio, 2010

Now I’m still a writer, visual artist and creative conjurer balancing my job as a work-from-home writer/editor/artist/web worker, my devotion to classic films and television, bad reality TV, art and craft, reading, learning and expanding my horizons.

If you’re new to the joint, I’d recommend perusing Creative Wonk or Creative Conjure for selected bits of backstory. Only the best for your eyeballs, new reader.


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