Someplace Else

Before you ask me if I'm okay, let me say 'Yes', whilst shaking my head 'No'. You see, after a  battle with cancer, my mother went Somewhere Else late this morning. I am certain Somewhere Else is a better place where she feels peachy all the time, where she can stick her toes in the … Continue reading Someplace Else



You have to know it is unacceptable for you to talk to me in the way you have and treat me in the way you did. It is unacceptable for you to treat and speak to my partner as you did. We asked for your help. You offered help with hidden strings. We said we … Continue reading Toxicity

What Maya Angelou Gave To Me

When I was a kid, after Saturday chores were done, I was allowed to go "bike riding". Bike riding usually meant taking off on my bike and riding to wherever I found myself for an entire afternoon. Times were different back then if you were a trustworthy kid.  You could take off on your bike … Continue reading What Maya Angelou Gave To Me