Sadness Is buzzing around my head Like one of those tiny gnats Wings beating silently Too close to your face making you hold your breath In order not to breathe it in It seeps upward Like air bubbles in a tar pit The bones of my love for you Shifting, sinking deeper Becoming  part of … Continue reading Sadness


Living In My House

Dread lives in my house skulking in the dead of night on a super-secret mission with a flashlight and combat boots     Are you doing something tomorrow?     Maybe     Who are you talking to?     Somebody Dread demands transparency Returning omission and secrecy for the favor     smug and smiling Relishing pain and confusion … Continue reading Living In My House

We Talk

Now we talk         slowly         rarely         if ever at all                 about movies             about news             about nothing                     at all I stick to empty surface streets and find no         meaning in indirect windows         no substance in silent rooms … Continue reading We Talk